The standard models are being challenged by the response to climate change and global financial uncertainty.  This new environment brings opportunities, which require innovation to deliver.

Australian Solar Group (ASG) – Utility Solar Plants

ASG are an innovative, start-up, Australian company, which has developed IP that significantly reduces the risks and costs associated with developing large, ground mount solar photovoltaic plants.  ASG are leveraging this IP to deliver on its pipeline of utility scale projects.  Aten Advisory works closely with the founding directors to develop these projects, including: strategy, project finance models, capital raising and relations with equity investors and debt financiers, government engagement, and procurement.

Energy Matters – Commercial and Industrial Solar

Energy Matters is one of Australia’s largest solar businesses.  The Australian solar industry has predominately been focused on satisfying household demand.  Energy Matters engaged Aten Advisory to deliver on its vision to develop solar solutions for commercial and industrial clients.  This has involved a number of first for the industry, including:

  • Australia’s first solar roof top lease located in Hume, ACT, which provides the property owner the flexibility, and the solar system investor, the certainty, required to invest;
  • Australia’s largest privately funded roof top solar array;
  • development of an operations and maintenance service;
  • the development of financial models and optimisation tools, which enable EM to better meet the client’s needs; and
  • development of innovative financing and procurement options.

This supported Energy Matters gain a leading market share in a growth segment of the market.

Energy Strategy and Implementation, Major Victorian Agri-business (confidential)

Aten Advisory has supported a Major Victorian Agri-business develop an innovative, long-term energy strategy, which reduces costs, exposure to a carbon price, and exposure to the increasing electricity retail market.  This involved the consideration of innovative electricity procurement models.  Aten Advisory has supported the implementation of this strategy through business case development, market testing, tendering and procurement.