Aten Advisory was established in 2010, responding to a market need for new commercial models and strategic thinking in the infrastructure sector.  This opportunity is particularly evident in Energy, where there are significant capital demands, regulatory uncertainty and a transition away from fossil fuels to cleaner alternatives.

We deliver value for key clients and partners, through developing long-term relationships; appreciating market opportunities and competitive advantage; and drawing upon our knowledge base encompassing commercial, financial, modelling, policy and advocacy, and innovation.

Aten Advisory focuses on:

  • new commercial models for embedded energy generation, particularly solar photovoltaic
  • clean energy strategies and arrangements for large energy users
  • commercial opportunities associated with the transition and uncertainty in the energy sector

Aten Advisory – What’s in a name?

‘Aten’ is the ancient Egyptian word for the Sun disk.  The Sun was revered as providing the energy to sustain life.  The Aten was revered during a period of upheaval in ancient egypt, when old practices gave way to innovation and development.

‘Aten Advisory’ encapsulates the energy and innovation needed now as our community faces the challenges of climate change, global financial uncertainty, and social equity.

Key Personnel

James Larratt, Director

James Larratt brings over 14 years of experience in infrastructure which has included planning, modeling, economics, investment banking, and commercial and financial advice.   James offers particular value to clients in combining innovation and strategic planning skills with technical expertise in finance and modeling.

Prior to establishing Aten Advisory in 2010, James worked with Ernst & Young (EY) as Associate Director within their Finance / Infrastructure team and provided commercial and strategic advice to a range of Victorian government clients. James undertook investment banking at Babcock & Brown (B&B), where he worked on transport projects located across Australasia, North and South America, China, Thailand, UK and Europe.  Prior to joining B&B, James worked with Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM) an engineering consultancy firm and worked in logistics, transport planning and modeling for local and international clients.